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Written and recorded over the span of a weekend in late 2018, this ambient instrumental album documents the internal landscape of solitude and the joys of creation.

qualia album art

(1) I forget how hard it is to be alone and undistracted

(2) Settling in

(3) 12, 29. (A quiet morning)

(4) Walking to the bridge

(5) Return to the cabin

(6) // Mizar // / Alcor /

(7) After dinner

(8) Feeling inspired at bedtime

It’s been said that the intention an artist has behind their art becomes irrelevant the moment they share it with an audience. In that sense, Brian’s Mulder’s “Qualiå” is a work of profound self awareness, insight, and a kindly invitation to engage these instrumental tracks to whatever nuanced degree one may wish.

While they do tell a somewhat linear story musically, there’s a meditative quality to this delicate collection of songs that offers something deeper to the listener - a space to breathe and engage the material contemplatively. I had the pleasure of listening to this album with a group of people in silence and sharing this beautiful experience that was at once collective, but as the title suggests, uniquely individual to everyone who listened.

Sonically, Qualiå offers gorgeous synth work, beautifully and delicately crafted layers of ambient guitars and one of the more imaginative inclusions of a click track (an included track of Mulder trudging through the woods to keep tempo) underneath enchanting soundscapes. In the end, the album is up to the listener to experience and engage with the music as deeply as one might like.

As a fan of Mulder’s music, I would encourage and hope that in listening, you’d heed the invitation to intentionally listen and thoughtfully engage this music. You’ll be glad you did.
— Andrew Nelson (