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holotropic is an album released in january of 2017. you can buy a physical copy here or listen wherever you listen.  

see how the album came to life at

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“all of humanity's problems stem from man's inability to sit quietly in a room alone.” -blaise pascal


all songs written by brian mulder ( 
produced by matthew clark (
mixed and mastered by chad wahlbrink (
cover art by christina Mrozik (
Brian Mulder- Vocals, acoustic / electric guitars, banjo, synth, keys, programming, beatboxing. 
Matthew Clark- Acoustic / classical / electric / high strung guitars, banjo, synth, programming. 
Jeffrey Niemeier- Violin
Heather Baker Jackson- Cello
Peace Ike- Harmonies on "Last Clear Minute" 
Joy Ike- Harmonies on "Last Clear Minute" 
Paul Wesselink- Trombone on "Slow Growth" 
Lillian Penner- Strings on "The Lake Didn't Clean Us"

Nathan Madsen- Horns on "The Lake Didn't Clean Us"

Amy Mueller- Dubstep synth wobble on "Immigrants"

holotropic front wide.jpg