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by Brian Mulder

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"You know Brian Mulder. You may have never met him, but you know Brian Mulder. That’s how architypes work, our recurrent symbols of personification. He is the pilgrim. The wanderer. The minstrel. The bard. A recurrent symbol of journey.

Fresh out quitting his prior life, Brian reflects—quietly, introspectively. History holds heaviness, and his contains a decade of community youth work, a Michigan upbringing, a Canadian origin. He traded this in for the unknown, now living in Holland, Michigan as a self-employed craftsman, using barbering, teaching, and woodworking to survive. His secret contemplative life has moved to the forefront—to meditation, movement, and music.

HOLOTROPIC encapsulates these changes, the sound a little more experimental than Brian’s past work, with sounds ranging from 80's synth pop to electronica and gentle folk. What you’ll feel is community—at the heart of all Brian’s music is community and you’ll see this in the long list of people he invites on the odyssey, his closest friendships rooted in collaboration.

Brian Mulder could be your brother. Your best friend. Your muse. Your anchor. But he is this, now—always in the present. You know him, even if you don’t, our recurrent symbol of journey. So let his music be a soundtrack to your movement toward wholeness, to your past and future transitions. To all the calm that takes place in between. "

(Description by Tyler Dunning)




All songs written by Brian Mulder ( 

Produced by Matthew Clark (

Mixed and Mastered by Chad Wahlbrink (

Cover art by Christina Mrozik (


Brian Mulder- Vocals, acoustic / electric guitars, banjo, synth, keys, programming, beatboxing. 

Matthew Clark- Acoustic / classical / electric / high strung guitars, banjo, synth, programming. 

Jeffrey Niemeier- Violin

Heather Baker Jackson- Cello

Peace Ike- Harmonies on "Last Clear Minute" 

Joy Ike- Harmonies on "Last Clear Minute" 

Paul Wesselink- Trombone on "Slow Growth" 

Lillian Penner- Strings on "The Lake Didn't Clean Us"

Nathan Madsen- Horns on "The Lake Didn't Clean Us"

Amy Mueller- Dubstep synth wobble on "Immigrants"