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2017 Top Films

Click title to see a trailer. Or better yet, don't even watch the trailer and go experience the real deal for yourself ; )

Brigsby Bear

A warm hearted, endearing celebration of creativity.

A Ghost Story

An exploration of legacy, relationship and home through a simple lens.

Lady Bird

A coming of age story with side characters full of kindness.

Get Out

An important horror film.


Activism and an unexpected love story.

Patti Cakes

Hip hop and friendship.

Alpha Go

How does our technology help us see ourselves?

Disaster Artist

Make your art.

The Big Sick

Family, tradition, illness, comedy.

Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond

The characters we play become us.

Blade Runner 2049

What does it mean to be human?

Top Songs of 2017

Surprise Yourself by Jack Garratt

Shimmering anthem. "Talk without a taint or hold. The doubts that should embrace your heart. The calm and chaos of your soul. You know you might surprise yourself."

Heavy Metals by Noah Gunderson

Driving, aching track that builds to a large emotive ending. "Heavy metals still will rust. Every empire turns to dust."

Weight In Gold by Gallant

Superhuman vocals over a stars cape R&B landscape. "Black dust in orbit. Cascades down like a parachute. Bricks on my shoulders. This gravity hurts when you know the truth."

Down by Andrew Belle

Right in my synth pop wheelhouse. "Oh I don't know the way behind it. We're always searching around to find it. But I promise to catch you. Whenever you're looking down."

(No One Knows Me) Like The Piano by Sampha

Ballad of the year. Sparse and perfect. "No one knows me like the piano in my mother's home. You would show me I have something, some people call a soul."

I Get Overwhelmed by Dark Rooms

Grandiose, glitchy & orchestral. From the soundtrack of the film "A Ghost Story". "Am I runnin late? I get overwhelmed. All the awful dreams. All the bright screens. Is my lover there? Are we breakin up? Did she find someone else? And leave me alone? Alone..."

Die Young- Echo Mountain Sessions by Sylvan Esso

In studio performance of the electronica original. "I was a firecracker, baby, with something to prove. Now I gotta contend with the living blues. I could've missed it, I never knew. Chain reaction but you're holding the fuse."

Face Like Thunder by The Japanese House

Layered yet cohesive. "Say sorry for a while, for a while, for a while. You know I didn't mean it. I said something terrible and I tried to redeem it. I can be so cruel although I don't seem it."

Hærra by Àsgeir

Icelandic magic.

Dew On The Vine by Bear's Den

Stuck in my head all year. "I don't pay any mind to the dew upon the vine. Does that mean that it's not there if I can see it at all?"


Favorite Albums of 2017

Here are my favorite / most listened to albums of the year (ish. a few were released just before the start of 2017...).


Music video linked to each title.


Theo Katzman- Heartbreak Hits

90's inspired analog sounds with smooth falsettos and peppy new school soft rock sad songs. 

"I did your laundry and I folded it real nice, so baby, why?"

Andrew Belle- Dive Deep

Luscious and craftily produced synthy electro pop.

"And we'll only fly if we don't look down."

The Japanese House- Swim Against The Tide

Richly textured production of clean electric guitars, flowing layers of vocals waves and programmed glitchy percussion.

"I couldn't speak so I slurred while I looked for a word but you left just before I could find it. I sat by myself and I stared at the pictures of you on the wall."

Kendrick Lamar- Damn.

Enigmatic, hard hitting and complex hip hop.

"Shit I've been through prolly offend you..."

Noah Gunderson- White Noise

Polished existential rock.

"All your failed attempts at inspirational speeches you give yourself at night when you can't sleep. When everyone on the internet is far more interesting and far more happy and far more happy and far more..."

Sylvan Esso- What Now

Electronic noise and the human voice exploring our relationship with technology and each other.

"Those friends you're making on the screen, they teach you how to be, to be. You reinvent and feel that quick and then you're back in love again."

Run the Jewels- Run The Jewels 3

Aggressive hip hop protest tunes.

"What, me, worry? Nah, buddy, I've lost before, so what? You don't get it, I'm dirt, motherf***er, I can't be crushed."

Peter Bradley Adams- A Face Like Mine

Calm warm blanket singer songwriter tunes for a Saturday morning coffee sipping contemplation time.

"Laughing eyes with a touch of grey. The record stopped when she looked my way. I could hear her heart from across the room. What in the world can a good man do?"

Penny & Sparrow- Wendigo

Sparse and occasionally eerie melodies with a thread of melancholy weaving through the vocal-driven tunes.

"Dispossess me of all the shit that keeps possessing me."

Mutemath- Play Dead

High energy psych synth jam rock.

"My sympathies for the obsolete are climbing higher every day. It ain't so funny when you see it's you that's in everyone's way."